Stop Stressing About Your Lengthy To-Do List

Utilize our efficient errand running services in Schenectady, NY

Do you feel like there are a million tasks on your to-do list? You have to drop off the car for servicing, go grocery shopping, clean the house and mow the lawn. If you're stressed out about getting it all done, contact Do It With Shea's Concierge and Events to receive errand help. We're proud to assist residents in and around Schenectady, NY with a wide variety of chores and errands.

Ready to receive reliable errand help? Discuss your needs with a member of our staff by calling 518-630-4533 now.

Learn about our fast, efficient and dependable services

No two home or business owners have the exact same needs. Our crew understands this concept, which is why we offer completely customizable:

  • Moving services
  • Cleaning services
  • Handyman services
  • Errand running services
  • Senior assistance services

Whether you need a personal concierge or moving assistance, we're the right team for the job.

To hire help for your daily tasks, schedule a consultation with one of our concierges today. We look forward to surveying your site and providing a quote.

Learn about our 5 Cs of onboarding

Each of our staff members has to go through the five Cs of onboarding. These steps include:

Compliance - learning about our policies and going through extensive training
Clarification - listening to our expectations for their job performance at your property
Culture - reading through the handbook to clarify safety requirements and behavioral expectations
Connection - building relationships with our fellow teammates and eventually our clients
Check back - reviewing everything we've discussed during onboarding to make sure we're on the same page

By the time our employees get to your home or business, they'll be ready to provide exceptional cleaning, moving, handyman and errand running services.

For long-distance services, mileage fees may apply.

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